Zero Flight Time To Pilot in Command

$5975* USD

Prices subject to change due to exchange rates and fuel pricing

Every pilot will tell you that the day you fly your first solo is a day you’ll never forget. With San Diego Flight School’s ZERO to SOLO Flight Training Module you can achieve this dream in one simple course – a series of lessons designed specifically to train you to fly around San Diego County and land safely all on your own! This program is great for future military aviators. Get a leg up on your competition!

The ZERO to SOLO Flight Training Module includes the following items towards your flight training:

  • Includes 22-hours flight training
  • Includes 22-hours aircraft rental (Cessna 172)
  • Includes 15-hours ground training
  • All charts and facilities directories
  • 3-month flying club membership
  • Pilot Logbook
  • Presolo written test
  • Presolo stagecheck
  • FAA Private Pilot’s Flying Handbook
  • FAA Private Pilot’s Knowledge Handbook

Prices subject to change without notice. Flight Training Course packages are valid for 3-months from the date of purchase. *Additional charges will apply if extra flight or ground training is required.