Flight Training Programs

Check out our available training programs and give us a call or email. The greatest barrier to flying is not knowing how to get started.

Private Pilot

When it comes to training for the Private Pilot's Certificate everyone starts in the same place, whether you're heading to the airlines, shooting for that captain's seat in a corporate jet or just ticking off a bucket list item. It's Aviation 101 where you'll learn the basics of how to fly a plane and all of the prerequisites required to keep you safe, out of trouble and in the air.

  • Minimum of 40 hours
  • 3rd class medical.
  • Pass the FAA written test
  • Pass the Oral Exam and Practical (Flight) Test

Private Pilot requirements

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Instrument Rating

An instrument-rated pilot can legally fly in clouds, rain, and fog, which broadens their abilities and keeps them in the air instead of being stuck on the ground during inclement weather. Pilots who want to fly in the clouds need to get an instrument rating added on to their private or commercial pilot certificate.

  • Minimum of 40 hours of instrument training
  • 50 hours of cross country PIC
  • 3rd class medical
  • Pass the FAA written test
  • Pass the Oral Exam and Practical (Flight) Test

Instrument Rating requirements

Commercial Pilot

Once you've passed your Commercial Pilot Checkride, you're now on your way to becoming a professional pilot. It's your first step in actually being able to get paid to fly. Jobs at this level are typically entry-level, banner towing, aerial survey, and if inclined flight instructing. (You'll need additional training)

  • Minimum of 250 total flight hours
  • 3rd class medical
  • Single or Multi-Engine Airplane
  • Pass the FAA written
  • Pass the Oral Exam and Practical (Flight) Test

Commercial Pilot requirements

Private pilot traing in San Diego

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Zero To Solo

Every pilot will tell you that the day you fly your first solo is a day you’ll never forget. With San Diego Flight School’s ZERO to SOLO Flight Training Module, you can achieve this dream in one simple course.

  • 22-hours flight instruction
  • Includes 22-hours aircraft rental (Cessna 172)
  • Includes 15-hours ground instruction
  • Presolo written test
  • All textbooks

Zero to Solo details

Military Aviation

If you're looking to become a military aviator and need flight training or additional hours to increase your competitiveness for your squadron or command, we can help.

  • ROTC flight training
  • Squadron flight minimums
  • Military to FAA conversions
  • Helo to fixed-wing transitions

Time Building

San Diego Flight Center specializes in accelerated flight time-building or hours-building. With our prime location in sunny San Diego, you’ll quickly accumulate the flight time necessary for your next rating or job.

  • Flight planning assistance
  • Accommodations
  • Rental cars
  • Aviation English courses
  • LAX to San Diego transfers

Time Building details