San Diego Flight School

The greatest barrier to flying is not knowing how to get started.
At San Diego Flight School it's easier than you think.


Becoming a Private Pilot is a big step and can undoubtedly be one of the highest achievements a person will accomplish in their lifetime. It's a level of control and freedom that most will never experience.
We would like to invite you to become a distinguished member of the general aviation community.

Give us a call so we can get you one step closer to becoming a pilot! 858-245-7420

Get your Private Pilot Certificate for as low as $323 per month!

Check out our Financing Page for programs and details


Train at your own pace and on your schedule. We're also available evenings and weekends.


Learn to fly the way you fly as a Private Pilot. We use scenario and maneuvers based training techniques.


Pay as you fly. No need to place large up-front deposits in order to secure your training. Fly now, pay now.


If you're not having fun or enjoying your flight training, you're doing it wrong. Learning to fly is serious, but it should be enjoyable.


Don't have all your training funds? We can arrange financing for your flight and ground training in addition to any supplies or equipment.


No previous flight training experience? NO PROBLEM! As long as you meet certain FAA requirements, you can begin your training.


Some kind words from happy clients....
  • I quickly needed to build 40 hours for a seat upgrade. I called Dann on a Sunday night, arrived the next day from Anchorage, was checked out in a plane later that day and by the following Saturday evening, I was back home with the required hours. Monday morning I walked out of Chief Pilot's office with my upgrade papers. Dann handled everything, I'll I did was show up and FLY!!! Thanks!!! P.S. I still owe you some buddy passes.
    Colby T - Captain - Caravan
  • My company offered me an A320 First Officer position if I could meet the corporate flight minimums. I contacted San Diego Flight Center to arrange a 90-hour flight package and asked if it could be completed in 14 days, (I was using vacation days) They said YES! I was a skeptic at first, but now I am a believer. l flew 94 hours in 14 days and I am now a First Officer. Thanks, Mr. Dann!!
    Park Sei W - First Officer - A320
  • I needed flight hours for the Reserves so I could be more competitive against other applicants. Dann was able to help me get the necessary time. I got the squadron slot thanks to his efforts.
    Aaron H. - KingAir 350 - First Officer